How to Find People Also Ask Topics That Guarantee Rankings

Are you tired of trying to position your website or blog only to find that your competition is constantly outranking you? Then maybe it’s time to take a different approach to keyword research. Instead of targeting specific keywords, try targeting “People Also Ask” (PAA) topics.

What are “People Also Ask” topics?

People Also Ask topics are a feature of Google search results that displays a list of related questions when a user enters a query. Google’s algorithms create these questions based on search history and the behaviour of other users. By targeting PAA topics, you can ensure that your content answers the most common and relevant questions about a particular topic.

Why should you focus on People Also Ask topics?

There are several reasons why targeting PAA topics can be a great strategy for improving your rankings.

Why should you focus on People Also Ask topics?

1. PAA Topics are More specific

First, PAA topics are often more specific and detailed than traditional keywords. This means that by targeting PAA topics, you can create more detailed and comprehensive content that addresses your target audience’s specific needs and questions.

2. Less competition

Second, PAA topics often have less competition than traditional keywords. This is because they are more specific and less likely to be targeted by other marketers. You can rank higher in search results by targeting PAA topics without competing with many other websites.

3. Updated on the latest trends

Finally, targeting PAA topics lets you stay updated on the latest trends and changes in your industry. Since Google’s algorithms constantly evolve, the PAA topics displayed in search results will likely change. By watching PAA topics, you can ensure that your content is always relevant and in line with your audience’s search.

How to find People Also Ask topics

How do you find PAA topics to include in your content? Here are some steps you can take:

1. Start with a Google search for a general keyword related to your industry or topic.

2. In the search results, look for the “People also ask/ More to ask” section. This is usually located at the top of the page, below the sponsored results.

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3. Click on one of the questions in the “PAA” section to expand it and discover more related questions.

4. Continue to expand the questions and pay attention to the themes that emerge.

Use these keyword as inspiration for your content. They can also be used as a starting point for further keyword research.

3rd Party Site for People Also Ask Topics

3rd Party Site for People Also Ask Topics

There are some awesome sites that can generate a bunch of PAA topics. I have shared some of them below


Following these steps, you can easily find topics relevant to your industry and audience. Addressing these topics in your content can improve your rankings and reach a larger audience. Give it a try and see how your website or blog can benefit.

FAQ regarding to PAA topics

Q: How do you find topics people are searching for?

One way to find topics people are searching for is by researching keywords using tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush. These tools provide insights into the search volume and competitiveness of specific keywords, helping you identify popular topics.

Q: How can I determine what topics people are interested in?

Analyzing social media trends and discussions can give you an idea of the topics people are currently interested in. Platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Quora can provide valuable insights into the conversations and topics gaining traction.

Q: Are there any online tools to discover popular search topics?

Yes, there are several online tools available for discovering popular search topics. Tools like BuzzSumo, Google Trends, and AnswerThePublic can help you identify trending topics, popular questions, and relevant keywords that people are searching for.

Q: Is there a way to know what questions people ask on search engines?

Yes, you can use tools like AnswerThePublic and AlsoAsked to uncover the questions people are asking on search engines. These tools generate a list of commonly asked questions about your chosen topic, providing valuable insights into user queries.

Q: How can I leverage data from search engines to find popular topics?

Utilizing the “related searches” or “people also ask” features in search engine results can help you identify popular topics. These features display related queries and questions that users frequently search for, giving you an understanding of the topics people are interested in.

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