15+ Proven Methods For Instant Website Traffic And Earn Money

Are you looking for good ideas to increase instant website traffic on your website? Then you are in the right place because in this article I wrote the 15 most powerful techniques which help you get more traffic on your blog site.

First, you need to know,

what is website traffic?

The traffic on a website gives you information about how many users visit your website. Also, it gives you information about how much time he or she spends time on your website. When the traffic is an increase in your site then your earning also increases.

These are the top 15 powerful proven ideas that help you to increase the traffic on your website.

Best 15 Proven Methods For Instant Website Traffic Which Works For Me

Best 15 Proven Methods For Instant Website Traffic Which Works For Me

1. Use Catchy Blog Post Title on every blog

The title of any article or blog is the first impression. So if you can attract people with it then there is a very high chance that automatically your traffic will increase.

1. Use Catchy Blog Post Title on every blog

You can also use some tool like blog title generator..

Give short information on the title of your blog post. Which hook people to read your blog.

Here are some useful tips that I suggest you by using, you can get more and more traffic.

A. Use numbers on the title –

using the numbers on the title is very important. It makes people more attractive and clickable.

B. SEO optimized –

it’s important to increase the traffic. You need to use focus keywords help to rank your website.

C. Add Power Word on the title –

powerful words like a top, most, popular, amazing etc. Helps you convince le on clicking your blog.

D. Crisp and understandable –

Try to make it crisp and understandable so that users can easily get an idea of ​​what the blog post is about.

3. Do On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is very important for a good ranking of your website. Sometimes just on an SEO page is enough to give you a good number of visitors to your website. It helps you to get Instant website traffic or organic traffic which altimeter increases the ranking of your site. This is also known as site SEO.

It involves some elements like optimizing your titles, HTML tags (titles, meta and titles) and images and videos.

Its also means you use high-quality templates, theme, and codes.

Here are some of the most important and powerful elements that you can use in on-page SEO.

  • Title tag
  • Meta Description
  • Write super quality content
  • Image optimisation
  • User active participation

4. Do OFF-Page SEO

OFF-Page SEO properly works when you create a high-quality backline as much as possible.

It means all the steps that can be followed to improve its search ranking by excluding the actual website.

There are some ways by using you can increase instant website traffic on your website,

  1. Impressive outreach
  2. Work as a guest writer
  3. Social bookmarking sites
  4. Article submission
  5. Video submission
  6. Image submission
  7. Profile created

4. Focus Long Tail Keyword

Long-tail keywords are more helpful to increase fic. It tends the visitors in clicking on your blog.

In the case of running ads on Google long-tail keyboard are very helpful. It gives a bride description to your visitors.

5. Share Your Link On All Platform

After uploading your blog you need to share it all across the platform. If you don’t have an account then you must create an account everywhere. After creating accounts you need to share them properly and it helps you increase traffic as well as backlinks.

You need to share regularly because you never know when you get massive traffic from someone. You don’t underestimate it.

6.Updating Out-Dated and Old Content

You need to update your content regularly. It makes your blog more professional and visitors get real-time information. Which ultimately increase your traffic. You need to down the older and outdated contents and need to replace them with new content.

You will get that benefit after updating your content like this,

  1. Increase your click-through rate on blogs.
  2. It tells Google that your content is fresh
  3. It Increase the accuracy of your content
  4. Update your entire site from time to time.
  5. It Helps you rank your blog on the first page.
  6. Increase your blog traffic.

7. Optimize Your Images With time.

If your page contains images then you need to properly optimise them. Because image optimisation is very important. You can’t ignore it.

Image SEO is also important to place your images in the Google Images section. This will bring instant website traffic.

8. Use Good Premium Themes

Premium WordPress or blogger themes can be a perfect option for you and it helps you with SEO.

You must know that a good theme gives instant website traffic because it gives your business a good professional look snd visitors love it.

9. Write Long Articles

Writing long content is very important for your website. Here, writing long articles does not mean that you wrote content containing 5000 words. You need to write to the point which loved by visitors most.
On writing the content you need to keep in mind the main topic.

10. Use Best Plugins

Plugging is very important to rank your site in a good position. It will help to increase traffic instantly.

If you can then I suggest you buy premium plugins. It will save you lots of time. And ultimately it gives a professional look to your blog and makes user friendly.

In the end, the best user experience helps you to earn more loyal visitors.

Some of them are the most famous plugging that you can use for your blog.

i. Rankmath Seo
ii. WP Rocket for Website Cache
iii. Thrive architect for designing pages and post

11. Make Facebook Group

Making a Facebook group is very important. You can easily and instantly increase traffic for your website. The followers on your Facebook page are the easy customers who can easily go to your blog.

12. Use Quora

Quora is one of the most popular websites and you can use it for your blog to increase traffic. First, you need to open an account on Quora and need to share your post there. And people from Quora come to your website and increase traffic.

13. Start a YouTube channel

YouTube is the second number site on the internet. It has a big audience. So you need to use it properly to increase the traffic on your website.

14. Use Pinterest

If your is on any particular topic then must need to use Pinterest. This is very helpful to give you a particular type of audience.

Why it is a good traffic source for your blog.

i. Pins have excellent longevity
ii. It was created for sharing purposes
iii. Nich marketing is very powerful on it.

15. Publish viral or trending content

If you want instant traffic on your website then your need to upload trending and viral content on your blog. Because people generally search for it. And when they search for it your blog needs to show on the first page. And ultimately the traffic will increase.


Nowadays many websites owner struggling on getting traffic for their websites. They use old ways for it.
If you own a blog website, you need to try this once. And it increases the traffic on your blog site.

Thank you.

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