12+ Best chrome extensions for Bloggers Need to Use in 2023 (Free)

This post is about the Top 12+ Chrome extensions for bloggers need to use in 2023

If you are using Chrome then you might hear about the Chrome extension. These are some simple software which make your work easier. We can do lots of things by using this which we can’t do in normal cases. Try to help us in reducing time, work faster, find better, and so on.

So today in this blog I am going to talk about some most popular and productive Chrome extensions that you might not have heard of and you should use them for better productivity in your blogging journey.

So without any further delay let’s get started.

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers Need to Use in 2023

1. Grammarly

If you are a blogger and you write your content then sometimes you make some mistakes in writing. Grammarly is a most popular and powerful Chrome extension which help you to write your content without mistake.

Along with checking grammar, you can also check punctuation and plagiarism. It is free and you can use it on other platforms like Facebook, Quora, Gmail and Google Docs.

Install Grammarly

2. SEOquake

SEOquake is one of the best Chrome extensions which helps you in SEO. It helps you in finding backlinks, the authority of a website, and Alexa ranks more in just a simple click.

This extension helps you in finding the best keywords for your blog and along with you can compare your competitor’s article by just using the URL.

Install SEOquake

3. Mozbar

Mozbar is another free SEO tool that helps you to find domain authority and the page authority of any website. It has some cool features which display all possible matrics for Google search results.

It also helps you to find keyword optimization on any article that you are going to publish. This tool is like SEOquake but the difference is that you get to know about the domain and page authority of any site. So if you are a blogger then you should try it once.

Install Mozbar

4. To-do list

A To-do list is a very useful task manager extension. With the help of it, we can track our projects and manage them. It organizes them directly from the chrome. It becomes more helpful when lots of deadlines need to track at one time. And on that case, it prioritizes the tasks accordingly.

Install To-do

5. Screencastify – Screen Video Recorder

If you find any screen recorder for recording your screen then you should try Screencastify. It is the best chrome screen recorder. Along with recording it also gives the option of editing.

After you browse your all videos are saved with s shareable link. Furthermore, you also get an option to highlight the mouse. Most YouTubers and coders use it for them all their computing work.

Install Screencastify

6. The great suspender

When you are browsing something then you might open lots of tabs. And you know this thing consumes lots of memory. So to escape from this problem you can use the great suspender. It monitors your open tabs and automatically deletes unnecessary tabs.

You also get the option to quickly reload the tabs. So to save the time and memory of your device you can use it.

Install The Great Suspender

7. Memorize

If you want to get good memory Power then this Chrome extension helps you a lot. Add the name implies it fewer lets you set down your question and answers. After that, you set a time. And according to the time interval, you are asked the question that you set.

When you answer correctly then the next question appears and like this, it helps you to boost your memory power.

Install MemoRISE

8. Dark reader

As the name suggests it helps you to enable dark mode on any site. You need to first download it from the given link.

After that, you will get all the options like brightness, contrast, sepia and grayscale etc. The cool thing about that it blocks the ads on the site. Which gives you another add-free experience.

Install Dark Reader

9. Save to pocket

So many times on browsing you get in touch with so many articles and pages. Bookmarking every article is not a good way.

So to solve this problem safe to pocket comes into the picture. After downloading it helps to save all the page’s articles with just a simple click. One of the best things about that you can read those pages even if you are not connected to the intent.

Install Save to Pocket

10. Onenote web clipper

So many times browsing in the intent we have to save something. Copy-paste and take a screenshot to take lots of time. So to overcome this problem you can use OneNote am clipper.

It helps in research, content writing, shopping and many more thing. After installing it you take screenshots, you can copy the text from the article and you can also bookmark it for later reading. So it helps you in many cases and you need to try it once.

Install OneNote Web Clipper

11. Bitly

Bitly is one of the famous Chrome that helps you to make any link shorter. Because short links are more helpful to share on any social media. It is the most popular Chrome extension used by all digital content creators.

So if you are one of that creators or want to make any long link shot then definitely you can use it.

Install Bitly

12. Vimium

If you are a keyboard lover and you don’t like to use a mouse then this Chrome extension is for you. Because it helps you to control your computer with the keyboard without the mouse.

You can use j to scroll down and use k to scroll up. Press shift and f to see all the clickable links. You can easily open Google searches, bookmarks, history and many others by just pressing keys on your keyboard. So when you install vimium you can say bye-bye to your mouse.

Install Vimium

13. Google keep

Sometimes lots of things unconsciously come to our mind. And at that time if we don’t write it anywhere, then there are high chances that we forget it after some time. So to solve this problem you can use Google Keep.

It is an amazing Chrome extension by Google. You can keep your notes, poems, memories, your friend’s birthday and all other things. You can use different colour codes and labels to detect more easily. It helps you to keep things with you.

Install Google Keep


Well, these are the top 10 most popular and useful Chrome extensions that you need to use in your day-to-day life. Some of them help you to do better work, some of them help you do your work with more productivity, some of them make your work easy, and so on.

So if you using Chrome then this 10 extension you need to check one. I strongly recommend you do it. Because it helps you a lot.

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