NordVPN Review 2023 – Which Is The Best VPN App For Internet Speed

Hey, are you looking for a neutral review of NordVPN? Okay, let me tell you my story.

In 2023 if you are not using any VPN app for your private works that mean you are giving your identity to the whole internet.

After a lot of research on the VPN app in my area finally I choose NordVPN to continue my private browsing journey with the internet. If you are looking for private internet connectivity with a 100% safe browsing experience then NordVPN is the trustworthy solution to your all problems.

Many highly reputed publication like CNET, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Forbes has featured this Vpn app on their site.

And the interesting fact is that In today’s world, more than 31% of internet users are relying on VPN services and most of them are male.

Why Should you go for Paid NordVPN in 2023 (Review Of NordVPN)

A free VPN is popular for most internet users just because of free connectivity and most of them don’t charge any penny from your side.

While we talk about security and data privacy the free VPN services fail here. they have limited uses with lower browsing speed.

In this Nordvpn review, we will discuss it in-depth look

Pros and Cons of NordVpn 2023


The server network is large

It includes malware blockers

Multi years affordable plans (69% off)

Best customer service

Easy to navigate

Netflix unblocks

Ad-block feature

Tor over VPN

No logging policy


Speed may vary

30 Day money-back guarantee has a slow refund

Recommendation for servers is not available

The IP address is static

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