How Do Bloggers Receive Money – (My Best Guide)

If you are a blogger or you want to start a blog then sometimes one question comes to your brain that How Do Bloggers Receive Money or how bloggers make money? Are they writing for free? How they monetize their blog?

Well, Today you are in the right place because in this article I am going to give you details information about it. So sit back and relax. I tell you every way of their earning.

There are lots of ways that a blogger use for their earnings. This blog tells you the 9 Most powerful and common wars that you can also use for your blog.

1. Blogger Use Adsense ads to recieve money.

Adsense is the most famous and common way for every blogger to earn money from their blog. Normal people generally used it. And for lots of bloggers, this is the main source of earning. It is a Google-backed add network.

How you get money from AdSense?

When your blog gets a sufficient amount of traffic then you need to apply for it. If you get approval for it then you can enable ads on your blog. And when people come to your blog and see the ads or click on them then you get paid.

The rater then AdSense you can use another platform like It is also a very famous and trustable ad network.

2. Using Affiliate marketing.

The second most powerful way of earning is affiliate marketing. What a blogger get a sufficient amount of traffic and the rather decent amount of followers then they start doing affiliate marketing. It is a very good and passive earning source.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way where you sells or promote other products. And when someone buys any product or service then you get a commission. It is very simple but it can give a recurring income.

For that, you need to join some of the popular Affiliate networks. There are some of them then you can join,

  • Amazon affiliate
  • Flipkart affiliate
  • eBay affiliate
  • ShareASale
  • PartnerStack
  • ImpactRadius
  • Awin
  • Commission Junction

There are some other digital present and services are there which you can use for earning a good amount of money. They are,


Affiliate marketing is a good way of making a good amount of money. Lots of people make dollars by using it. Because by just share a link and make a sufficient amount of money is a good way of raining and you should try it.

3. Giving Sponsored post

Now you get to know about the two major and basic way of earning of every blogger. But this two are just starting. Because there are lots of ways of earning modes from where a blogger can make money.

So the third e way of earning is through sponsored posts. When you have a sufficient amount of daily traffic and you become a little bit more popular then you can start sponsored blogging.

Every company need some marketers who can market their products. And they need people like you. So you can take the advantage of it and earn good money. For that, you need to type with the companies and write marketing post for them. And that pay you for it.

For the starting time, you need to contact the big companies related to your Niche. You can contact them through email or using social media.

And one thing you need to remember that you need to promote only these products that are related to your niche. It gives you good sales and ultimately good money.

4. Doing Native advertising.

Native advertising is one of the best ways of earning money. It is most useful when your blog targets the native area. You can publish ads of your native business by a collab with them.

It is more useful for niche blogging like news, jobs, food etc.

6. Selling your e-book

Selling your e-book is a good way of earning. When you get sufficient knowledge on any topic or if you already have knowledge on any topic then you can write an ebook on it.

You can sell it through your blog or others platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. It can give you a promising income for a long time.

For earning money in this way you need to write a book and make a digital form of it. It earns money for you when you are sleeping. If you can’t write you can also outsource it.

7. Launch your online course.

Lots of bloggers already do it and they make a big amount of money from it. When you became a pro on any particular topic you can make a course on it.

Because you already have several and audiences you can easily sell it to them. Due to it is a digital form so you need to work just for one time. Later on, without doing any work you can make money from it.

8. Do Sponsered Reviews

Paid or sponsored Reviews are a great way of earning. You can make quickly lots of money just by doing a simple review of any product that related to your niche.

Companies give lots of money for just promoting their products by writing an article. Here are some website where you got paid reviews,

  • i.Famebit
  • ii. Izea Pay per post
  • iii. Tomoson
  • iv. Revcontent

9. Run campaign for brands.

If you have a good audience then you can run a paid campaign for brands. You can take a good amount from brands for it.

Nowadays lots of blogger doing it. So you also need to try it. This is also a good way to monetize your blog.

10. Provide services

When you become a successful blogger then you can provide service to others. You can provide services like WordPress setup, SEO, Website design, promotion etc.

If you a good knowledge about any niche then you can start your own company by just starting from a blog. And become a popular brand in future. And ultimately by doing this you can make the highest number of money. Most bloggers are currently doing this. And they all are mostly successful.


Successful and professional blogger mostly use these 9 techniques. You also want to earn money from blogging then you can use this technique. You need to select the best way which works for you or you can use all of these ways to earn money. You just need to be dedicated and one day you will become a successful blogger.

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