How To Write Blog Description in a Perfect Way

Hello everyone, welcome to another blog. In this blog, I am going to talk about an important topic How To Write Blog Description in a Perfect Way

Blog description is very important for the success of any blog. It is very important from the point of view of SEO on your website. So if you are new in the blogging field and you don’t know about blog descriptions then you need to read this blog thoroughly.

Many bloggers focus on off-page SEO and page SEO but they forget about blog description or meta description. If you are one of these then it’s time to implement it.

What is the importance of using blog descriptions?

When someone searches your website name on Google then the first thing they see is a blog description of your blog. From there they can notice the following things

  • Your Niche
  • Topics you’ve covered in your blog.
  • The benefits of reading your blog and many more

What is a blog description? How to describe your blog

A blog description is a description of your blog that you write which appear just below the URL of your site on the search engine result page.

For example, if you search on Google “Amazon” then you notice that below this line is come” Top brands for Phones and Electronics. Latest trends in Fashion. Free Shipping available”. This is the description of Amazon. Every time or appears when someone searches Amazon in Google. It gives short information on what Amazon is and what they do.

What is the importance of blog description?

If you are thinking that why it is important and why you care about it then you do a big mistake.


It is important for your blog for this flowing two reasons.

1. For branding.

When someone notices your blog or it’s not as good to attract people then it may affect your branding. People don’t click on your link. And you’re brand value will decrease.

2. Appear more in the search result

Your blog description is very important from a Google search result point of view. Google always read your blog description and if it’s good then they push your blog up. Which helps you to appear in more search results.

3. For attracting more visitors.

If people find your website on Google then first they read your blog description. So if you don’t care about it and don’t write it properly then visitors may not click on your link and then you don’t get more visitors. Ultimately you lose traffic on your website.

What are the types of blog description?

There are two types of blog description. They are,

  • Blog Description and
  • Blog Post Description
  • Blog description.

As I mention earlier blog description is the short information about your website or whole Blog site. It appears just below your main website URL. When someone searches on Google about your blog by name then below the URL it comes.

Blog Post description.

Blog Post description appears in every blog post that you write. It appears in your particular blog post. It may be different for every blog post. It tells about the particular blog post that you write.

How to write a perfect blog description In 2022

How you write your blog post is very important. Because along with visitors Google also read it. It gives the information on what topic you write the blog, what keywords you mention in your blog etc.
If you are using WordPress then you can use either the Yoast SEO plugin or RankMath plugin.
They both are the best in this field.

In your blog description first, you need to mention on what topic you write the blog. after that, you need to use keyword related to your blog. It’s impressive because when someone searches on these keywords your blog will appear. It is only possible when you write the blog description with the keywords that you want to rank on the Google search result page.

Some examples of blog description are,


Here they describe what they publish on their website. They use the keywords on which the website is rank on the Google search result page.


Here they a description of how they can help you. And they mention the particular keywords in their blog description.


Here they describe who they are, what you can get on their website after the visit, and they try to build trust which attracts more visitors to their site.


Here they describe how they help business. What they do and who can use their products.


Here they mention what services they offer. What product they sell and along with that they mention the offers in their description. Which attracts visitors to click on it. And ultimately it increases the traffic.

These are some different examples of blog descriptions. You can also write the blog description tell about your blog, what you try to give, what services you offer, and other information shortly or attractively.

Few more tips to write an attractive blog description.

  • It should be short and easy to understand.
  • Use matching long-tail keywords.
  • Use only 150 characters.
  • Use LSI Keywords.
  • Add a call to action factor.
  • Use normal and simple words.
  • Tells about offers.
  • Optimize the keywords in your meta description.
  • Check your competitor’s description to get some ideas.
  • Use SEO Extensions and tools.


I hope now to get the proper knowledge about blog descriptions. If you’re a blogger then you can’t do the mistake of not writing it. You can’t get more traffic without it. Because Google can’t read it and they got no information about your blog. And from a visitor’s point of view also its very important. They always check it before clicking on your site. So you need to do it properly by using proper keywords. So that it attracts more visitors. I wish it boosts your website performance.

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