Top 7 Blogging Mistakes You Must Avoid In 2023(Must Read)

Do you want to know Common Blogging Mistakes You Must Avoid being a successful blogger?

Many beginner bloggers make so many mistakes at the starting time, which affect them in the blogger journey. For making this mistake so many new bloggers are failed. Which makes them negative about blogging. And that left blogging.

So if you want to become a successful blogger then you must need to avoid these 7 blogging Mistakes. It makes you a professional blogger. You need to do things that a successful blogger do not failures do. Then only your blog is going to be successful.

So here are the,

7 Common Blogging mistakes that a failed blogger do

1. Lack of consistency.

One of the major mistakes many beginner bloggers make is that they are not consistent. They are based entirely on their mood and write blogs when the desire to write is sensitive.

Yet consistency is important to regularly update content to reap the real benefits of a blog. I know it doesn’t happen every day, it can happen every week or every two weeks, but continuity is crucial.

If you are consistent in writing a blog – and your content is exceptional – your blog will increase traffic and visitors, which is a huge SEO advantage in the eyes of Google. Even older posts like last year’s articles can attract too much traffic. According to a chart published by Hubspot, about 90% of blog visitor traffic comes from writing a few months ago.

To overcome the problem of deviation, there are many tips for better blogging continuity, one of which is to create strong habits of writing. These habits create a special calendar about the schedule of publishing content on your blog. And it can be started by forcing yourself to stick to it. Then only you can overcome this problem.

2. Writing Messy content or low-quality content.

To become a successful blogger is not just a matter of publishing a number of the blog. It doesn’t work every time. You need to write blogs that provide entertainment, knowledge, useful facts. because then only people love to read your blog and ultimately it helps in increasing the use of your blog and your writing.

Lots of new bloggers make the mistake of blogging by writing messy, blasting, and unstructured content. this often makes people boring in reading your content no matter how good or how informative it is. And whether they will return to more content in the future.

A famous blogger Neilpatel says 9 types of blog posts can increase the number of visitors on your site. Writing in the form of a long list is one option.

if you can’t write in a systematic way then you can take the advantage of hiring freelancer content writer. They can write content for you in the alternative of money. It makes your blog very professional.

3.Boring blog title

The title for a blog is the most important part of its success. If you can’t write a good title there is a very high chance that your blog is going to be filled fail. This is undeniable. A study tells that, we only have 8.25 seconds to get the reader’s attention. In such a short time readers have decided whether they are interested in your content or not. The most obvious the title of your blog and try to guess the content of the article through it. If the headline looks annoying, does not indicate any value, or does not provoke emotion, then you can’t gather clicks on your blog. So this mistake you must need to avoid if you want to be a successful blogger.

There are some basic elements that new bloggers can apply when deciding the title for their article. You can add numbers, or powerful words, mistrusts words, words that increase the curiosity of a reader etc.

4. Lack of visual aspects in articles.

People absorb and understand visual content more easily and more garner than any written content. Even the visual appearance of the absorbed brain reaches 60,000x faster than normal writing. So if you want to make your audience engaged in your blog site then you need to a some Vishal things like photo, video, infographic, graphs etc.

If your blog doesn’t contain visual content then it’s like a tree with our leaves. It helps your audience understand first what you are going to tell.

Nowadays it is not difficult to create visual content. You can use any image editor, and video editors applications like Canvas, video, freepik or you can rent through Fiber. But one thing you need to be very careful about the similarity between the written content of the image, videos and other elements that you use. Otherwise, it’s a nun of use.

5. Topics are too General or un-trendy.

When new bloggers start blogging for the first time, they usually write topics that are too general or have too broad a scope and easily available on the internet. This can like,

  • What is blogging?
  • What is social media?
  • How to use social media?
  • How to get rich quickly?
  • Tips for starting a new business?

This kind of topic is too general and easily advisable in the internetwork a large quantity. The threads of this kind of content are gone. if you are a good writer and you write good content then your audience will love it. this thing helps you in the case of SEO. and ultimately google boosts your post up. You have to write articles on new topics that hardly advisable on the internet or you can write also about trendy topics. It brings more audience to your blog and son this thing makes you a successful blogger.

6. Low content promotion

If you interesting and trendy blog but you don’t have any plan that how you promote it then you can’t reach to the audience for read your blog. Many successful bloggers advise beginner bloggers to plan to promote their blogs before writing. In this case, the 80/20 rule is very good for increasing the number of your audience. Where 80% of the time is you need to spend on the promotion of your blog and 20% of the time need to spend on writing interesting and engaging content.

In today’s date, the easiest way to promote a blog is to use cross-channel and multi-format marketing. You can do this by combining search, email and all social media. For the starting time, it is very important because at this point you are not famous and no one knows you. So by sharing the content you can get the initial boost.

7. Plagiarism and copy content.

Stealing or copying the blog world will only reduce the reputation of SEO on Google’s search system. This is probably the worst thing you can do as a blogger. Unfortunately, many beginner bloggers simply copy from successful blogs and they copy to such a level that they even don’t check the sentence or spelling

If you copy from somewhere and the owner gets to know about it then he can take serious action on you and then you will face so many problems. However, if you want to publish someone else’s writing on your blog, you just need to add credit and give a little bit of input.


No matter if you are a new or experienced blogger if you do such kind of mistake then definitely you will face problems. And ultimately your blog is going to be on the list of failure blogs. So if you don’t want this and want to be a successful blogger then you must need to avoid this mistake. And it’s you follow all the rules and write the posts properly then very soon you will become a successful blogger. My best wishes are always with you.

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